Maci Bookout Pregnant: ‘Teen Mom’ Reveals Crazy Cravings

Maci Bookout is currently pregnant with her second child. While she already has a six-year-old son, Bentley, this time she is expecting a daughter. She and her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, will welcome Jayde Carter into their family this summer, but until then, Maci has to go through a few more months of the pregnancy.

It is kind of cliché, but most women suffer some pretty strange symptoms during pregnancy, including craving strange foods. These cravings can be as simple as a slice of pizza or a jar of pickles, but in Maci’s case, she is craving something a little different. The Teen Mom OG star recently opened up to MTV News to reveal that she is craving a specific fruit. However, it isn’t a banana or pear that curbs this momma’s craving, but rather one of the citrus variety (and no, it isn’t an orange!) Rather, Maci Bookout is craving lemons!

“I slice them and peel them like an orange. Put salt on them and eat them. It’s delicious.”

Maci explained that her food cravings are “weird,” but lemons aren’t the only strange craving she has. The reality show star went on to reveal that she also craves apples (with salt!), raw potatoes, pineapple, and even radishes. Essentially, Maci Bookout is craving fruits and vegetables with salt!

Of course, this isn’t the craziest craving and, luckily, it isn’t the unhealthiest either. While the added salt may not be a healthy addition, the fruit and vegetables in general are very healthy and have the potential to be beneficial to the health of both Maci and her little girl.

According to Wetpaint, Maci’s due date is June 12. That means she has about three more months to go in her pregnancy. While MTV cameras were there to capture most of the pregnancy, it is unclear if they will be there to capture the rest. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Maci Bookout may be considering leaving Teen Mom OG after only one season. The return of Farrah Abraham to the show reportedly has Maci unhappy and she may very well decide to not return for another season.

The new season of Teen Mom OG is set to air on MTV on March 23. While Farrah Abraham will not appear in the first episode, she will be back on other episodes and her return will be discussed with the cast, including Maci Bookout.

[Image: via Instagram]