15.5-Pound Baby Named Chun Chun Born in China [Video]

Meet Chun Chun. The 15.5 pound baby is officially China’s biggest baby on record.

Chun Chun was born in Xinxiang in China’s Henan Province and is the heaviest baby ever born in China. The Daily Mail reports that the baby boy was delivered in a caesarean section which lasted about 20 minutes.

Chun’s mother, Wang Yujuan, already has one child. Yujuan’s first child, a girl, was nearly half Chun Chun’s size at 8.8 pounds. Yujuan said:

“I clearly felt that my body was more clumsy than when I had been pregnant with my daughter. My belly was bigger than it was then. I guessed the baby would be between ten and 11 pounds. I never expected to hear that he weighs 15.5 pounds.”

Chun Chun’s father, Han, told the Huffington Post:

“Today is the first day of spring in the Chinese calendar and he’s a ‘dragon baby.’ I feel very happy.”

The Daily Mail reports that both Yujuan, and her big baby Chun Chun, are both happy and healthy.


The news of a 15.5 pound baby being born in China comes just a few days after it was reported that a 14-pound baby was born in Texas. Kendall Stewardson gave birth to her without the use of surgery of pain medication.

Here’s a video report from NDTV.

At 15.5 pounds, Chun Chun is definitely a large baby, but the Guinness World Record for heaviest baby goes to a 23 pound 12 ounce baby born in 1879 in Ohio. Sadly, the giant baby died 11 hours after birth.