Flo Rida Lashes Out At "Delusional" Former Employee

James Johnson

Flo Rida on Tuesday lashed out against a former "intern" who just yesterday filed a lawsuit against the rapper in which she claimed to have been paid only $3.08 per hour for 65 hour work weeks.

Flo for his part calls the claims 100 percent bogus, noting that Mahogany Miller was never technically a paid employee under Flo Rida's company but rather an unpaid intern who took the job as a way to break into the music industry.

According to the rappers lawyer Sandy Becher, the girl was never officially hired as an employee and begged to be hired on to gain the experience needed to find a full-time job in the music biz. Further more she says the only money ever paid for her internship was occasional reimbursements for gas money and lunches.

Mahogany also claimed yesterday that she was fired immediately after asking for more money to continue her work, however Flo Rida tells a different story, claiming that her "behavior was inappropriate for the workplace environment."

The rapper tells TMZ:

"This is ridiculous that I gave someone an opportunity out of the goodness of my heart and now sadly I am being falsely targeted."

Do you think Flo Rida was being unfair to an employee or is Mahogany a delusional wackadoo who's simply trying to make a name for herself after losing her job/internship?