American Psycho Producers On Board For The Vatican Connection

Niki Cruz

Chris Hanley ("American Psycho"), John Penotti ("Awake"), Jeff Most ("The Crow"), and Bob DeBrino ("Find Me Guilty") announced that they're set to produce the controversial novel by Richard Hammer "The Vatican Connection."

The author, who was also a journalist in the 80s, penned the novel "The Vatican Connection" after the rumors of corruption in the Vatican involving the mafia surfaced from Pope John Paul I's death. The long list of producers snatched up the book and plan to spin the tale into a thriller.

"It is great timing to re-option and produce this fantastic controversial book,” said DeBrino. “Originally there was too much uproar surrounding the story line to get going properly, but what with the proven success from recent Vatican movies, like The Da Vinci Code, and the fact that we now have a producing dream team behind this project, the time is now to make this finally happen, and fast.”

Hanley who's a part of Must Productions most recently produced the Casey Affleck murder thriller "The Killer Inside Me" a true story about a deputy unmasked as a psychotic killer. Penotti of GreeneStreet Films recently produced "Tenderness" and "Violet & Daisy".

What do you think? Will this be another hit a la The Da Vinci Code? Or is this too scandalous for movie goers?