Bobbi Kristina Brown, Nick Gordon Argued Before Bathtub Incident, Gordon’s Mom Tells Dr. Phil [Full Video]

After Nick Gordon broke down sobbing, it was his mother, Michelle, who opened up to Dr. Phil about what happened before Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unresponsive in her bathtub on Jan. 31.

She told Dr. Phil that her son had argued with Brown a few hours before she was found face-down and unresponsive in the bathtub inside her Roswell, Ga. home.

Michelle told Dr. Phil McGraw, 64, that her 25-year-old son and Brown, 22, had attended a party with a friend on Friday Jan. 30. After they returned to their Roswell, Ga. home early on Saturday, they got into a conversation that led to a heated argument.

“Nick walked away from the argument. He went to another bedroom to fall asleep… Brown went up to her room and drew a bath.”

It was Max Lomas, a friend of the couple who had been out with them on Friday night, who found Bobbi face-down and unresponsive in a bathtub. He found Bobbi in the bathtub after the cable repair man said he needed to access her room to do repairs.

Because Lomas did not know how to do CPR, he called Gordon, who administered CPR until paramedics arrived, according to Us Weekly.

“Nicholas was able to do the CPR on her for 15 minutes. The police arrived, and they didn’t help him. No one helped him until the EMTs got there,” Michelle said.

Michelle said her son has blamed himself for Bobbi’s condition and that he has tried to cope with feelings of guilt about Bobbi being in a prolonged medically induced coma at the hospital by turning to alcohol and drugs.

She revealed that her son, still grieving the death of Whitney Houston, and now having to cope with the shock of what happened to Bobbi, has tried on two occasions, one as recent as two weeks, to take his own life, using Xanax, alcohol and other prescription sleeping pills.

“He has said to me many times that he is going to kill himself. Two weeks ago, he tried… He was able to throw up pills. He cannot bear not being with Krissy, by her side. He’s dealing with it by drinking.”

Dr. Phil acknowledged to the Associated Press (AP) Tuesday that Gordon’s behavior was “volatile” during the filming of the TV special, an interview which turned into an intervention when Nick came to the filming evidently intoxicated.

Dr. Phil added that Gordon was “clearly in an altered state of consciousness.”

During the filming, Gordon shouted at the cameras, “I would never hurt anybody,” and said he had not been sleeping well since Bobbi was found unresponsive.

“I have panic attacks, my heart hurts,” he said.

He pulled out his phone, listened briefly to a Whitney Houston song before breaking down in tears. He also stormed out multiple times in the midst of the interview, saying he feared he might lose “Krissy.”

At one point in the interview he said, “I hate Bobby Brown!”

“I feel like… I miss Krissy and Whitney. Please don’t put this on TV… me crying, me being weak.”

Dr. Phil told AP that he asked Gordon pointedly whether he was sober and he admitted that he wasn’t.

“You can’t help Bobbi Kristina the way you are,” he told Gordon. “You are out of control. You’ve threatened suicide. You deserve to get some help because if you don’t, you know you’re going to wind up dead.”

Dr. Phil confirmed to AP that Gordon followed his advice by checking into a rehab immediately after the filming. He expressed satisfaction that his intervention was successful because it got Nick “safely tucked away into rehab.”

Before checking into rehab, Gordon promised Dr. Phil, “I’ll be clean, I’ll be sober, I’ll be a good person.”

Dr. Phil expressed the opinion that Gordon was evidently “dealing with an enormous amount of guilt and pain.”

The psychologist said Gordon’s emotional state was caused partly by the frustration he felt because he was unable to visit Bobbi Kristina at the hospital. He also felt guilty because he believed it was his duty to protect “Krissy” after the death of Whitney Houston in 2012.

He felt “he obviously had failed.”

While Michelle’s account sheds light on many questions, it also raised even more questions that her son would need to address when he leaves rehab.

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