Dr. Phil’s March 11 Full Show With Nick Gordon Intervention Released On YouTube [Video]

For those who missed or forgot to DVR Phil McGraw’s much-anticipated interview with Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend, videos like this Dr. Phil [March 11, 2015]: The Nick Gordon Intervention, uploaded on March 11 by Network TV to YouTube, are a godsend to help view the whole Dr. Phil episode online. In the 42-minute long episode, which conveniently has the commercials removed in that YouTube video, Gordon can be seen engaging in various states of erratic behavior as the TV show’s crew and rehab workers help to get Nick into the interview room. Nick’s mom sits down first with Dr. Phil, and Michelle can be seen teary-eyed as she talks about her multiple attempts to dissuade her son from committing suicide, as Gordon has threatened to do on multiple occasions. As for Dr. Phil’s YouTube channel and official website videos, only snippets from the March 11 show have been released.