‘RHOBH’ Season 5: Lisa Vanderpump Hopes Brandi Glanville ‘Learned From Her Mistakes’

RHOBH Season 5 star Lisa Vanderpump got slapped by Brandi Glanville on last night’s episode, and today, she said she hoped her co-star and former friend has learned from the incident.

In an interview with Rumorfix on March 11, the RHOBH Season 5 star looked back on the shocking Bravo moment.

“I hope Brandi has learned from her mistakes.”

After Glanville attempted to kiss Vanderpump on the RHOBH Season 5 episode, Vanderpump told her co-star, “No, no, no no. No I don’t want to do that.”

“I don’t want to kiss anyone but my husband.”

Glanville then shoves Vanderpump, who jokingly said, “I will slap you.”

“If you hit me, I’ll hit you back,” Glanville retorted.

“Pick on somebody your own size,” Vanderpump responded.

“It wasn’t just a slap, she clearly shoved me first. How it looked and how it felt are different,” Vanderpump explained to Rumorfix.

“I went to the bathroom to get myself together. I didn’t overplay it. And, I’ve never magnify anything to get people on my side. Even when they ganged up on me in Puerto Rico last year, I didn’t exaggerate it. I didn’t want to create additional drama like some would do.”

While Vanderpump was said to have been extremely upset over the slap, despite her admitting it wasn’t very hard, her emotions weren’t seen on RHOBH Season 5. Instead, after the slap, she and her co-stars were seen parting ways, and later, Vanderpump was seen discussing the issue with Kyle Richards.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Glanville has also spoken out since the RHOBH Season 5 episode aired. In her latest blog, Glanville insisted she only slapped Vanderpump after she suggested she do so.

“I took her suggestion and ran with it … MISTAKE! I apologized immediately and immensely and continued to for an hour and weeks after.”

While Glanville claims her slap was all in good fun, and not meant to be taken seriously, Vanderpump was immediately turned off by her co-star’s RHOBH Season 5 behavior.

Prior to the RHOBH Season 5 slap, Glanville and Vanderpump had been discussing The Love Boat. However, while Glanville thought it would be funny to act out a dramatic scene with her co-star, Vanderpump was not having it, and unfortunately, she couldn’t take a hint.

“I NEVER would have thought of smacking Lisa had she not said it herself.”

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