Slipknot Guitarist Mick Thomson Stabbed In The Head By His Brother

Slipknot guitarist Mick Thomson was rushed to the Des Moines hospital after sustaining a stab wound to the head at the hands of his brother Andrew, who was also taken in for care. The brothers had engaged in a bloody altercation on Wednesday morning, which resulted in both men being seriously injured.

According to Billboard, though Mick and his brother sustained severe injuries, none of them were life-threatening – even the stab wound to the back of the guitarist’s head.

The brawl reportedly started inside Mick’s home in Clive, Iowa, then ended up in his front yard around 4 a.m., where the situation got worse.

At that time the police received a 911 call that two brothers were fighting in the front yard with knives.

When they arrived at the scene, both the Slipknot guitarist and his brother appeared to be drunk and had to be taken to the hospital in separate ambulances.

As of Wednesday afternoon, Clive police had not confirmed whether it was the 41-year-old Mick Thomson of the platinum-selling rock band Slipknot and his 35-year-old brother who were involved in the altercation.

Slipknot's Mick Thomson stabbed in the head
Slipknot guitarist Mickeal Thomson (left) with little brother Andrew Thomson (right)

However, thanks to Slipknot’s lead singer, Corey Taylor, who did his own personal investigation, fans were able to find out if it was indeed Mick and get updates about the guitarist’s condition via a series of tweets.

Taylor also provided another update around 5 p.m., tweeting –

According to Slipknot’s manager, the early morning incident will not affect the band’s scheduled performances.

Slipknot just completed several international shows, and will soon be kicking off their “Prepare for Hell” tour in April. Then, come July 24, the rock group will be performing in a major headlining tour called “Summer’s Last Stand,” which starts in West Palm Beach, Florida.

[Image via MusicRadar/Facebook]