VIDEO: Man Accused of Stuffing Cat in Bong to “Keep it Calm”

A man from Nebraska is accused of stuffing his cat into a bong. Police say they found 20-year-old Acea Schomaker smoking marijuana from the homemade device while the kitten was crammed inside.

Cat in Bong Cat in Bong
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Cat in a Bong: The Full Story

Officers in Lincoln had gone to Schomaker’s home to arrest him on a warrant for marijuana possession. They tell local media outlets they were shocked at what they saw when they went into his home.

“I have never seen anything like this before,” Lancaster County Chief Deputy Bill Jarrett tells KETV.

Acea SchomakerThe bong, built from Plexiglas, was about as big as a shoebox and was taped shut, seemingly to help keep the smoke inside. Officers say Schomaker told them his cat was high-strung, so he had put it inside the bong to “keep it calm.” He indicated he had placed the cat in the bong “several times” before, investigators say.

Shadow the Cat

Police describe the cat — a six-month-old kitten named Shadow — as being “lethargic” and “somewhat in a sleeping state.” Shadow is now being treated at an animal shelter, where he is also being tested for any potential health issues. The Lincoln-area Humane Society is attempting to gain custody of the cat so it can put the animal up for adoption.

Schomaker is charged with animal cruelty, which could result in as much as a year of jail time. If the cat dies or is found to have any lasting health effects, KETV reports, the charge could be upgraded to a felony — which could give Schomaker as much as five years behind bars.

Cat in Bong Video

The following news report shows video of the cat found in a bong, as well as further detail about the incident.