November 18, 2016
Pit Bull Ban: An Indiana Soldier Is Fighting For The Right To Keep His Therapy Dog, Who Happens To Be A Pit Bull

Pit bulls often have a lot lawful issues and enough bureaucratic red tape to jump rope with. Unfortunately sometimes their owners are victim to the same issues as a result. Pit bull bans are prevalent, and though they keep pit bulls muzzled or outright banned from some locales, occasionally they negatively affect their owners as well. The Inquisitr has been following the rise and fall of pit bull bans throughout the U.S.

That is exactly what happened to 27-year-old Wayne Tibbett, according to the Elkhart Truth. Tibbett wants to move to Indiana, but can not, due to a pit bull ban that will not allow him to bring his trusty pit.

Tibbett, an American soldier suffering from PTSD, wants to move himself and his wife to Indiana to be closer to her family. Before making the big decision to move, he bought a dog in New York, where he currently resides. Though Zorro, the pit bull, is not a certified service or therapy dog, the animal is the very thing that soothes his post-traumatic stress. It would be safe to say that Zorro, the pit bull, is a welcome addition to the Tibbett family.

"My dog is pretty much what keeps me going. It helps me out with the issues that I have. He is pretty much glued to my leg at all times."
Tibbett, his family, and two-year-old Zorro, the pit bull, would like to move to Oxford or Fowler, Indiana, as soon as Mr. Tibbett's soldier contract ends with Uncle Sam. However, both of those counties in Indiana, have fiercely restrictive policies with pit bulls.

Oxford's ordinance labels pit bulls as "inherently vicious," and "any vicious" animals are prohibited with no exceptions. The Fowler police chief says that his county is no different.

"The way the ordinance is written now, he could live there but he couldn't have the dog. There's nothing in the ordinance to allow for special dogs such as this."
According to WTHR, Tibbett's mother-in-law is petitioning the Oxford, Indiana, council to allow Zorro, the pit bull, in their locale as a therapy pit bull. She feels that he has fought enough already.
"He's been through enough already and now he has to come back here and fight more for his own rights. It's hard on his wife. They just want to come back and live in a nice, quiet place."
Apparently, it has caught the attention of Oxford's council, as Oxford Council President Tina Coffman said she would consider the request.

"If they can prove that it's an emotional (support) dog, I would work with him," she said. "I can't (speak) for the rest of the council."

It remains to be seen if Tibbett and Zorro's case will be heard in Oxford, Indiana. Fowler has shown no sign of interest in helping in this case at this time.

[Image Via Creative Commons]