Duchess Kate ‘Forgets’ She’s Pregnant As She Plays With Prince George: Is Pregnancy Brain Fog Real?

Duchess Kate Middleton says that she sometimes forget she’s pregnant, even though the baby is due next month. The glowingly healthy Duchess of Cambridge made the surprising confession during her last public excursions before the baby arrives, reported Us Weekly.

With a degree in art history from the University of St. Andrews, Kate enjoyed talking with artists and architects during her visits to the Turner Contemporary Art Museum and Resort Studios in Margate, Kent, England. And she also discussed the joys of keeping up with 19-month-old Prince George.

“[I have to] chase after him,” laughed Kate of her constantly moving son.

Princess Kate also accepted a compliment about her trim figure, but then made her confession.

“I sometimes forget I’m pregnant,” admitted the Duchess.

Artist Gavin Turk, who talked with Princess Kate, subsequently revealed how much he enjoyed his royal chat.

“She immediately asked me about my beard and said that she was a bit concerned as her brother [James Middleton] was growing one. She asked me how much care I needed to take of it and whether I had to oil it. She seemed quite fascinated. She was really nice, very personable, particularly under the circumstances.”

But as the Inquisitr reported, Duchess Kate also has been struggling with a repeat of the severe morning sickness she experienced during her first pregnancy. Known as hyperemisis gravidarum, it has been so intense at times that she has had to cancel planned appearances.

Although that level of morning sickness is relatively rare, so-called pregnancy “brain fog” is more common, according to What To Expect. And it’s very real.

Causes of pregnancy brain fog include hormones and problems sleeping. In addition, researchers have found that brain cell volume becomes less during the third trimester. However, those brain cells are restored after the baby is born.

But in a recent study, researchers found that many mysteries still surround “pregnancy brain,” reported Live Science.

“Pregnancy is a critical period for central nervous system development in mothers,” said review author Laura Glynn, a psychologist at Chapman University in California. “Yet we know virtually nothing about it.”

However, Glynn discovered that the emotional changes may benefit women’s mothering instincts.

“There may be a cost [such as ‘brain fog’] but the benefit is a more sensitive, effective mother.”

As for allowing Kate to get enough sleep, Prince William tries to do his share, reported E News. The proud papa revealed that his little boy gets faster every day.

“I think George will be running faster than me very soon,” predicted William.

And he’s delighted with his son’s progress in developmental milestones.

“He said George is charging around and opens doors,” revealed a source.

[Photo By Chris Jackson/Getty Images]