Lil Wayne Shooting: Four Claimed To Have Been Shot At Rapper’s Miami Beach Home

A shooting at the Miami Beach home of rapper Lil’ Wayne was reported Wednesday. Four people were said to have been fired on, according to TMZ.

UPDATE: Police are now reporting that the report of shooting at Lil Wayne’s home was the result of a “swatting” call. This prank is the result of someone placing an emergency call that would warrant a large-scale official police intervention. When authorities arrived, there were no injuries. Police had earlier tweeted the possibility that this may have been the case when the story first broke.

Whether or not the shooting actually occurred, Lil Wayne was reportedly elsewhere in Miami at the time the alleged incident would have taken place. Lil Wayne’s label, Young Money Entertainment, has officially tweeted to assure fans that he was not at home. Although, they do not confirm or deny that a shooting has taken place.

The incident takes place nearly two weeks after police were also called to Lil Wayne’s residence on a complaint of trespassing. The man in question was not taken into police custody as they did not catch him in the act, reports TMZ. Mack Maine, another rapper closely associated with Lil Wayne, has commented that “everyone on [their] side” is out of harm’s way despite the reports of a shooting. As the tweet lacks context, the effort to find out if a shooting did or did not occur at Lil Wayne’s residence is still underway.

Reports of the shooting have been taken with a grain of salt due to reports just a few weeks ago that Lil Wayne was the victim of a separate incident. These claims aren’t the first to emerge about the death of Lil Wayne; he’s been so often rumored to have been fatally attacked that several fans made jokes about the last reports.

You can watch live video from CBS of the grounds of Lil Wayne’s house where the shooting occurred below.

More updates will be added to this article as the Lil Wayne shooting story develops.

[Image Rachel Murray/Getty Images]