Michael Bolton In ‘Office Space’ Parody, And Yes, He Smashes A Printer

Michael Bolton wasn’t always cool. In fact, the love-song crooner with the golden pipes became an Office Space punch-line in the late 90s. Fifteen years later, we’re still laughing at him.

And now he’s laughing right along with us.

In a Funny or Die parody, Bolton takes the place of actor Dave Herman and recreates various scenes from the film. The video hits its high note with a tweak of the film’s funniest line – a biting insult against the real-life Michael Bolton, as his less-famous counterpart complains about people noticing he’s named after the pop star, Rolling Stone reported.

“There was nothing wrong with it (being called Michael Bolton), ’til I was about 12-years-old and that no-talent-(explicit)-clown became famous and started winning Grammys.”

In his hilarious version, Bolton alters that line just a little; see if you can spot it.

The video is supposed to be the “screen test” featuring the real Michael Bolton and revisits some of the film’s most famous scenes– awkward interactions with the boss, rapping to “No Tears” and, of course, smashing a misbehaving printer to pieces, E! Online added.

The hilarious spoof is just further evidence we’re amid a Michael Bolton renaissance. The singer still tours, but he’s also tried his hand at comedy before. He wrote part of Lonely Island’s tune “Jack Sparrow,” and has had cameos on Two and a Half Men and Glee, Rolling Stone reported.

Bolton certainly shouldn’t stop at this brief parody. It may be time he starred in an Office Space remake.

[Photo Courtesy Funny or Die screengrab|Office Space with Michael Bolton from Funny Or Die]