45-Foot Yacht On Shore: Residents Of California Beach Town Amazed By ‘Ghost Ship’

A 45-foot yacht washed up on shore, and it has been stuck there for the last two weeks, according to a Fox 5 News report. A flash storm in the area caused this yacht’s predicament, and it is not known what will happen to the yacht.

It was reported by Fox News that an elderly person owns the yacht, and they need to claim the yacht soon. If the yacht is not moved soon, it will become property of the U.S. government. The yacht washed up on a beach inside the North Island Naval base.

Surfers have been to the site, and they gave an update on the yacht’s condition. When it first crashed on shore two weeks ago, the boat was in good condition. However, that is no longer the case. The yacht is sinking further into the sand, and the windows of the yacht are now broken.

The boat is on a U.S. Naval property, so people are not allowed to legally visit the location, but two long paddle surfers took a reporter from Fox News San Diego to the site.

It was reported that the owner of the boat is currently out of town, and the boat is originally from a port in San Francisco. The yacht was worth $200,000, but it might be a total loss in its current state.

Jason Bronis, a surfer in the area, spoke about the yacht with the local media.

“In the 30 years I have been surfing, I have never seen anything like this. It’s not often you see a vessel like this.”

This yacht washing up on shore is the only the latest item to wash up on the California shoreline. Last week, the carcass of a young humpback whale washed up on Sunset State Beach on Friday morning. It was seen floating offshore the night before. Like the boat, the young whale was also 45-feet long.

Robin Duncan, UC Santa Cruz Long Marine Lab operations manager, spoke about whales that wash up on shore with CBS San Francisco.

“It kind of comes in waves. Last year we had one humpback whale. Few years before that we didn’t have any, one year we had two or three.”

In a recent Inquisitr report, it was reported that sea lions have also been washing up on the shores of California beaches. The sea lions are alive, but they are in bad shape. There are so many sea lions that authorities cannot handle all of them. More than 1,000 sea lion pups have been taken in since the start of the year.

Why are the sea lions washing up on shore?

“The experts at NOAA believe that the culprit is the oceans rising temperatures. For reasons they have yet to figure out, the warming temperatures are affecting sardines, squid, and other animals that make up the sea lions’ diet. They believe that the warmer temperatures are forcing the creatures into deeper water further offshore. This results in the mother sea lion being gone longer in search of food, leaving the pup with fewer feeding. As a result, the pups lose weight at unprecedented rates. The pups are being forced to look for food on their own before they are ready.”

It is common to see things wash up on shore of beaches around the world, but the 45-foot yacht found on one San Diego beach is causing some big buzz on the Internet today.

What is the weirdest thing you saw wash up on a beach?

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