Dr. Phil Shares Details About His Intervention With Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Boyfriend Nick Gordon

Dr. Phil’s intervention with Nick Gordon will probably be one of the biggest broadcasts airing today. Since Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscious in the bathtub at her Roswell, GA townhouse on January 31, she and her boyfriend Nick have been making headlines. Although most of the headlines have been based on speculation about Bobbi Kristina’s condition and the family’s alleged estrangement, Nick has also been making headlines of his own.

Just last week, Bobby Brown’s sister took to Facebook with claims about Nick being an attempted murder suspect. Bobbi Kristina and Nick’s alleged violent relationship and history with drug abuse has also been reported numerous times. So, it comes as no surprise that Nick would be seeking help for his problems. However, what has shocked most people is that he turned to Dr. Phil McGraw.

Of course, details about the highly anticipated interview began circulating as soon as Nick started taping with Dr. Phil. Needless to say, things didn’t necessarily go smoothly. TMZ recently reported that Nick was “high” and “wasted” during the interview. Initially, the speculation was not confirmed or denied. Now, Dr. Phil is personally speaking out with details about his encounter with Nick Gordon.

Although several reports have stated that Nick’s mother staged the intervention, Dr. Phil revealed Nick’s attorneys actually contacted him first. He also clarified that Nick was initially just supposed to be interviewed, but once he learned of Nick’s unstable condition, the interview became an intervention, reports Extra TV. Dr. Phil stated that he was in agreement with Nick’s attorneys once he met him in person because he appeared to be “emotionally out of control.”

“They say, ‘Listen, we need help… I know you came to do an interview, but he is out of control and we are worried for his life. We think he will self-destruct.’ It was clear to me that all of a sudden this interview became an intervention. He was so animated and so emotionally out of control, I thought he could be dead in a matter of days if something doesn’t happen.”

The famed doctor also revealed that he invited Nick’s mother to attend for moral support. However, the seemingly chaotic intervention still went awry. The Associated Press reported that Nick was a cross between incoherent and “normal” throughout the interview.

“As soon as he saw his mother, he was so happy to see her and he sat down and we started to talk. Every minute or two, he’d jump up and run out of the room, he would grab his phone and turn on a Whitney song, start playing it, start wailing and crying and throw his phone on the floor.”

“”He was high as a kite,” explained Dr. Phil. “He said he was drinking and he mentioned Xanax.”

Dr. Phil also stated that it was extremely imperative that Nick be checked into a rehabilitation facility as soon as possible, because his condition was quite disturbing. “I felt like if we did not get him to a structured and supervised environment, his life was in danger.”


Dr. Phil: The Nick Gordon Intervention is scheduled to air on Wednesday, March 11.

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