UFO Discovered On Google Earth With 'Alien Head' Sticking Out

Tresha Barrett

Posting an analysis of the photo on his YouTube channel, Waring noted, "I investigated it and took a few screenshots which revealed something that was not first apparent... there is an alien head sticking out from the UFO!"

He then stated that he was blown away that they have actual proof of alien existence with the screenshots taken.

"I thought it was just a UFO, but this head sticking out is proof that not all UFOs are ET drones, but some are controlled and flown by actual aliens."

Waring also added, "Know that google [sic] deletes all UFOs that I report within three to six months. I have reported over 50 and I don't believe any of them are still there. So please record this UFO on google earth and upload the video to YouTube so others can see it or just copy my video and share it … this way the UFO even if it gets deleted will have evidence of it existing in many videos."

According to the ufologist, if you look closely at the shading and curvature of the head, you'll know it's real.

"You can see there is an object with a roundish head on it sticking out from the top. The curvature looks like a huge cranium. A giant head with a small chin area," Waring observed.

UFO With Alien Head Sticking Out On Google Earth Map

Critics, of course, do not agree with the UFO hunter's findings and state that the photo is just a glitch in the Google Earth system.

The six-minute video, which was uploaded last June, now has over 500,000 views, and is once again trending the world of online videos.

What do you think... alien emerging from UFO, or random Google Earth glitch? Share your thoughts below.

[Image via YouTube/UFOSightingsDaily]