Deformed Two-Headed Cow Sold To Slaughter For $400: Double Cheeseburger Anyone?

Having two heads instead of one wasn't enough to save a deformed two-headed cow from the butcher's block and the poor bullock has now been sold to slaughter for $400.

Upon seeing Facebook pictures of the strange beast many meat eaters have pondered idly over an undercooked sausage or two if they'd eat a burger processed from the hoof, tail and nose of a cow with two heads.

Chewing contentedly on their gristle and offal, many carnivores have turned up their blood red noses in disgust at the thought of tearing into a chunk of flesh stripped from the hide of a deformed two-headed cow.

Meanwhile in another quarter of the flesh bar, many connoisseurs of all things meat, and those who delight in chomping on the rarest of animals have voiced their enthusiasm at the thought of biting into a juicy steak sourced from such a genetically strange beast.


According to the Mirror, the deformed two-headed cow was described on the Mareeba Saleyards Facebook page as "an interesting bullock." The listing goes onto give the hard sell and describes the poor disfigured animal as, "In great condition. Second face has an eye, one tooth and working nostrils."

The two-faced bullock was sold to an abattoir at a cattle auction in North Queensland, Australia, earlier this week.

The yard chairman explained that the cow ended up with two heads because of a genetic variation.

"Sometimes the genetic engineering doesn't quite work according to plan. There was a fair bit of curiosity and interest but I don't know whether there was a lot of interest in a commercial sense.There's nothing wrong with it as far as the animal is concerned."


In some countries and some cultures, such a beast would probably be considered sacred, but down under, in the land of barbecues, the deformed two-headed cow was always destined to be turned into burgers.

As one Australian selling agent poignantly put it.

"Mate, he's as fat as a fool!"