Bette Midler Takes Aim at Kim Kardashian’s Most Vapid Tweets

Never afraid of the limelight, Bette Midler unofficially roasted superstar Kim Kardashian by transforming Kim’s Tweets into song, TIME reports. When Midler appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the soon-to-be 70-year-old singer and actress belted out Kim’s most popular Tweets in song formation, such as, “I never thought I would say this… But I’m wearing flats today.”

Appearing alongside a talented pianist, Bette Midler gave Kim’s Tweets the same attention she would a Broadway musical. Midler, who reportedly named one of her chickens after Kim, finished her 30-second set to a crowd of screaming fans and a barrage of roses. Bette’s recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! was the first so far in 2015, as the award-winning singer is still promoting her recently released album and upcoming tour.

As reported by Inquisitr, Bette Midler’s scheduled tour begins May 8 in Florida, and will continue for nearly two months as the star travels the U.S. Ending in New York City, Midler’s long-awaited tour will feature old favorites as well as new music from her 2014 album, It’s the Girls!. Containing sounds reminiscent of the diva girl groups that shaped music in the 1950s and 1960s, Midler’s newest album is a throwback to the music industry’s unsung female heroes.

According to the star’s website, It’s the Girls! was purely inspired by great girl groups of the mid-20th century. Midler wrote, “They say behind every great man, there’s a great woman. Well, I think that behind every great woman, there should be at least two other women singing and dancing in perfect unison.” Bette Midler’s effort to applaud female creative isn’t new; Midler has always attempted to make the struggles of modern women known, even if she’s been perceived as crass when voicing her opinions.

In an interview published on Daily Mail‘s website, Bette Midler was quoted saying, “I discovered people in this business will hurt you. It’s tough being a woman in this business, particularly 20, 30 years ago.” Midler’s sentiment about women in the business might be why she has never had a hard time calling other people out.

Prior to the end of 2014, Midler was featured in national headlines for calling in sick to present Ariana Grande’s Billboard Women in Music Rising Star award, per NY Daily News. Kim Kardashian, who was voted as one of the internet’s most influential people by TIME, has not publicly commented on Bette Midler’s performance.