Austin Company Redefines Airport Car Rental Services

Standing in line at the airport car rental counter isn't how it used to be, or at least that's what the creative minds behind Silvercar, an Austin-based startup, used to redefine temporary transportation. In a conversation with BuzzFeed, Silvercar CEO Luke Schneider revealed a few unpleasant experiences he's had with vehicle rentals before the innovative company was officially launched.

Reportedly, Schneider had more than one incident where he wasn't given vehicles as promised or was forced to resist the constant upselling in the rental car business. "This all started with just one too many bad experiences at the rental car counter," Schneider revealed.

As Inquisitr reported last year, customers have many complaints with typical rental car services. In addition to the potential for contamination by harmful bacteria, customers are forced to cope with frustrating staff, hidden fees, and steep penalties for damage or neglect. Being hit with a large, unexpected bill following a car rental is not uncommon for the seasoned driver, but the experience is precisely why Silvercar's team continues to grow.

In addition to pushy salespeople, Silvercar's business model eliminated many of the hassles associated with rental car companies, such as paperwork, unnecessary fees, and frivolous add-ons. Instead of trudging through a multi-step registration, pick up, and drop off process, customers using Silvercar can make, change, and cancel reservations from their smartphone without ever interacting with a sales agent.

Taking rental car reservations to an entirely new level, Silvercar's services put control back in the hands of customers. The brand's mobile app allows customers choose their reservation details, unlock and access their vehicle, and pay for their rental. Unlike the feeling of dread customers feel when uncertain of which vehicle they'll be stuck with, renting a vehicle with Silvercar is pain-free. Aligned with the Silvercar brand, each car is shiny new Audi A4s in classic silver.

Schneider believes it is Silvercar's self-service model, commitment to high standards, and vows to keep the car rental process simple that have resulted in the company's impressive growth. With more than 1,000 app downloads per day and month-to-month growth reaching beyond 30 percent, it's clear that the company's creators were onto something as customers become more disillusioned by the traditional car rental process.

According to USA Today, cleaning fees and other post-rental charges, like pricey fill-ups, can amount to more than the cost of the car rental itself while last minute fees can double the price originally quoted for a car. In response to Silvercar's innovative car rental service, customers are apparently voting with their dollar by choosing the startup over popular industry giants.