Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter, Instagram Accounts Delete N-Word In Post About Kim Kardashian, Kanye West’s ‘All Day’ Song

Lindsay Lohan took to her to post a photo of Kanye West singing his “All Day” song, and that simple post from Lohan is now causing controversy. As reported by the Inquisitr, when Kanye debuted “All Day” at the 2015 BRIT Awards at The O2 Arena in London, England, the uncensored version of the song proved that West dropped a few N-words throughout the song. It was so heavily censored on TV that folks on Twitter complained about all the bleeps making it sound like Morse code. When Kris Jenner recently used Kanye’s “All Day” song as the background music for a compilation video containing photos of her family, a video montage that gave viewers an idea of her experience in Paris during a recent Fashion Week, Jenner notably used the version of “All Day” that had the N-word bleeped out.

Perhaps Lohan should’ve taken a lesson from Kris’ notebook, because the fact that Lindsay used an N-word variation in her Instagram hashtag about the “All Day” song performance is making news, as reported by TMZ. Lohan’s Instagram fans noticed that Lindsay first posted an Instagram description that included “#kanye&kimAlldayni****$.” in the hashtag. Pretty soon after posting it, Lindsay must’ve felt remorse or fear, because the description was quickly edited to remove the N-word.

#kanye&kimAllday fun show #PFW#goodpeople=goodlife all from good moms!!!!!!@dinalohan@krisjenner

The Instagram post at the center of controversy quickly collected a variety of reactions from commentators who questioned or defended Lindsay’s use of the word, although Kanye’s song uses it repeatedly.


“She deleted the N-word so fast…Wow!!”

“Oh no she said n***a. Everyone that isn’t black is gonna lose their s**t.”

“She wrote the N word then deleted it asap.”

“You said the N word?!? Wow I seen [sic] your original post and so did thousands [sic] others.”

“Calm down. She didn’t even say it. She edited it out.”

“WHY did you change what you wrote? #kanye&kimAlldayni**a$ fun show”????

With the SAE fraternity brothers at the University of Oklahoma all over the news because of their use of the N-word in a malicious way, and Morning Joe blaming rappers for their use of the racial epithet, as reported by Gawker‎, it’s no wonder celebrities feel reticent about using the N-word and its variation ending in an “a.” Although the usage that caused Oklahoma students to issue a mea culpa for their racist video, as reported by USA TODAY‎, seemed a different scenario than Lohan’s use of the word.

[Image via Instagram]