Lisa And Brandi Come To Blows: ‘RHOBH’ Star Kyle Richards Reacts To Glanville’s Violence

Lisa and Brandi came to blows on tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and on Twitter, their co-star, Kyle Richards, weighed in.

Following the cast’s latest dramatic dinner party, Lisa and Brandi took some time out for themselves, away from the other women. Then, in a surprising moment, Glanville began suggesting they slap one another. Although Vanderpump was understandably against the idea, Glanville chose to move forward with it, and eventually slapped her former friend in the face.

After seeing the shocking moment between Lisa and Brandi play out on the show, Kyle Richards shared the following message with fans:

“But heaven forbid I touch Brandi’s arm while talking to her…did someone say ‘hypocrisy’? #RHOBH.”

As the Inquisitr reported earlier this month, Glanville made it a point to call her co-stars hypocrites in her latest Bravo blog.

Before Lisa and Brandi’s fight on tonight’s episode, Glanville called out her co-stars for being violent with one another while slamming her for being playful. In fact, her Bravo blog on March 4 was labeled “Brandi on Hypocrisy and Double Standards.”

First, Glanville spotlighted Richards, claiming she slammed her for threatening to knock her teeth out, which Glanville insisted was an exaggeration, while displaying actual violence on her.

“I mean real violence. Digging your fingers into someone’s arm to forcibly push them out of your way or grabbing for someone’s throat in anger isn’t worthy of being condemned by the same group.”

According to Glanville, it was okay for Richards to be violent with her, but not okay for her to make threats of violence.

Next, Glanville took aim at Lisa Rinna, noting she put everyone in jeopardy when she threw her glass at Kim Richards, causing it to shatter on the table where she and the cast were having dinner.

“Reaching across a table to rip someone’s throat out with your nails, hurling a full drink with ice cubes in a face, and the best of all, purposefully smashing a large wine glass as hard as you can in the direction of my and Kim’s face wasn’t discussed at all. Yep. It never happened.”

Glanville compared the issue to her own wine toss, which occurred earlier in the season, and didn’t involve a broken glass.

As Lisa and Brandi’s fight aired, Vanderpump shared a message of her own on Twitter.

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[Photo via Twitter]