Sahray Barber Missing Amid Fears Of Campus Attacker

Police in San Bernardino are looking for Sahray Barber. The 22-year-old woman has been missing for longer than three days now, after she was last seen leaving her apartment on her way to work on Monday morning. KTLA News reports that police have deemed her case a suspicious disappearance. However, there has been no evidence to indicate that she is the victim of foul play. Nonetheless, the recent crime surrounding the area where she vanished creates reason for concern.

It was 6:00 a.m. the last time anybody saw Sahray. She was on foot, leaving her home near Cal State University. She never made it to work that morning and it is unknown what happened to her between points a and b — a relatively long walk. The LAist reports that the missing woman frequently walked or took public transportation to work, which was apparently at the Art Institute’s library. According to Google Maps, a distance of approximately 15 miles stretches between her apartment complex and the Art Institute.

The disturbing element that hovers over this case is the fact that there have been a series of violent crimes committed around the Cal State campus across the street from her apartment. There has been at least one attempted abduction and an attempted sexual assault by a perpetrator who has not yet been identified or apprehended. While investigators acknowledge that no evidence ties her disappearance to these crimes, they are still concerned that she has not been seen by anybody in close to four days. That’s especially since the disappearance is out of her character.

Is it possible that Sahray Barber has been victimized by someone who’s been preying on campus coeds? Since she never made it to her destination on Monday morning, it is logical to believe that something happened to her when she was walking in the early morning hours, which may have made her more vulnerable. No evidence has been publicized in the case so far, but police have reportedly searched her apartment and taken her computer to look for clues. Meanwhile, they want anyone with information to come forward, even if the info seems small. If you know anything about this missing woman’s disappearance or if you believe you may have seen her or something related to her disappearance, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities in San Bernardino at 909-384-5623. Any information may prove useful.

[Photo: San Bernardino Police Department/Crime Scene Media]