R&B Artist Angie Stone Arrested After Allegedly Knocking Daughter’s Teeth Out

R&B Artist Angie Stone has recently been arrested under the accusation of knocking a number of her own daughter’s teeth out after a family dispute.

Stone is best known as an American R&B singer. She has gained a certain amount of notoriety for such songs as “Wish I Didn’t Miss You,” “Brotha,” and “No More Rain.” Her musical endeavors have garnered the singer multiple Grammy Award nominations.

Recently, however, Stone has made the news for a not-so-favorable reason. ABC News reports that on Monday, May 9, Stone was arrested in her Georgia home after a post-altercation call to the authorities. According to the same report, Stone, 53, and her daughter Diamond, 30, got into a heated altercation.

Authorities were called to Stone’s residence after a bout of fisticuffs between the two women broke out, requiring the intervention of a family friend who happened to be present at the time. Upon the police’s arrival to the R&B singer’s house, it was reported by Stone’s daughter that Stone had struck her in the face and subsequently dislodged the 30-year-old’s two front teeth.

The exact timeline and reason of the eventually-violent altercation is currently unknown. ABC News would go onto report, however, that the escalation in violence came after Stone told her daughter the following.

“… clean up and get her [Diamond’s] children under control.”

The singer would eventually tell authorities, upon their arrival, that it was her daughter Diamond who instigated the altercation by throwing the first punch. Stone would continue to report to police that after having been struck in the face by one of her daughter’s blows, she felt that she needed to protect herself via the use of a metal stand. It was a blow from her metal-stand-wielding mother that Diamond would later claim knocked her front teeth out.

ABC News attempted to reach out to the singer, but got no response and was unable to determine whether or not Stone had gotten an attorney at this time. Furthermore, it is also unclear as to whether or not Stone has been officially charged by the State of Georgia for battery. If charged and convicted, the R&B singer could face incarceration and possible financial fines.

Angie Stone
R&B Singer Angie Stone

Any such legal problems stand to jeopardize Stone’s career, which to date and in addition to music, includes stints on reality TV shows such as R&B Divas: Atlanta, and an episode of Wife Swap.

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