Buffalo Loves Bread, And Apparently Loves People Who Feed Him Bread, Too [Video]

A buffalo at a farm in Sequim, Washington, is going viral on the internet today. According to Seattle PI, a photographer in the area fed the animal some bread, but once he had a taste, he kept sticking his head in the car window, wagging his huge tongue around looking for more.

"I had been to the zoo once a few weeks before and wanted to go with some friends and the buffalo and elk were very calm the first time, but they seemed a little more aggressive this time. Perhaps just the time of day we were there or the weather or maybe they were just especially hungry but they were a little scarier this go around. We never felt endangered at all, just probably had a bit of adrenaline rush from such a huge animal being so close. Of course, you can tell from my reaction, that tongue was insane," said Caroline Walker Evans, who got up close and personal with the buffalo unintentionally.

The buffalo ended up kissing Evans several times as it tried to sniff out more bread. According to WSB Atlanta, Olympic Game Farm is a drive-through zoo of sorts. The animals roam free as cars drive through at a slow but steady pace. According to the report, people are allowed to feed the animals (which include deer, elk, bears, and llamas) bread as they pass through.

Of course, some are going to have their problems with allowing "wild" animals to get this close to people, and that's something that will always get debated. Just like this story by the Inquisitr that was about a baby playing with her beloved pet -- a python.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]