BioWare: Mass Effect 3 brings back a lot of what was missing in ME2

While the Mass Effect series has always tried to have a good mix of RPG and shooter gameplay, the first two games had one extreme of one or the other. The first Mass Effect, for instance, had a big focus on RPG elements, whereas Mass Effect 2 focused on the shooting.

In the case Mass Effect 3, however, BioWare says it’s aiming to not put too much focus over one gameplay element over the other. They hope to accomplish this by bringing back a few of the RPG-like elements that were missing in Mass Effect 2.

“We just want to tell the best story within the context of an amazing shooter,” producer Michael Gamble told CVG. “I think in ME3 we’ve actually brought back a lot of the customization elements that were missing in ME2: Weapons, armor, powers, each power now has nine possible ways of evolution.

“We brought back all that customization. Like any transition between games, we want to polish everything. I wouldn’t say one genre is winning out over another.”

You’ll be able to judge whether or not BioWare was successful at striking a balance between RPG and shooter when Mass Effect 3 launches March 6 on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Source: CVG