‘American Horror Story’ Murder House Sold For $3.2 Million, Ghosts Included

Remember the creepy setting for the first season of American Horror Story? The L.A. Times reports the house, known as the Alfred F. Rosenheim Mansion, which became the setting for the show, has just been sold for $3.2 million, a fraction of the original asking price. At this time it’s unclear if the new owner plans to live in the “haunted” house. According to the L.A. Times, the mansion has been on and off the market for about a decade. The original asking price was $17 million and was reduced over time down to $3.678 million.

Architect Alfred Rosenheim designed and built the house around 1908. American Horror Story’s pilot episode was shot on location in the Tudor-style home located in the Country Club Park in L.A.’s Arlington Heights area. Once the pilot episode was filmed, parts of the house’s interior were replicated down to the very last detail, such as the inclusion of the Tiffany stained glass windows, to recreate its look and atmosphere.

The only part of the house not included in American Horror Story is a chapel — it can be seen from the outside but was edited out of exterior shots with CGI for the show. The rest of the season of American Horror Story was shot on the sets built to look like the house.

Fans of American Horror Story have expressed their agreement on various social media sites that show creator Ryan Murphy found the perfect house. It became its own character on the show. When searching for a house to use for the show, Murphy was said to have been looking for one that could be “both creepy and attractive.”

Production designer Mark Worthington described in an email how Murphy’s choice fit the atmosphere of American Horror Story.

“The style is quite mixed… It’s a bit of a mash-up in the end, which I think contributes wonderfully to the somewhat ominous quality it has.”

If you’re a Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan, you might recognize the “murder house” featured in American Horror Story from that show. The same house was used in 1997 as the Frat House location for the Halloween episode “Fear, Itself” in which the characters’ fears manifest themselves.

The “murder house” from American Horror Story in real life looks much brighter inside than it did on the show, which may have helped the house to finally sell.

American Horror Story has been renewed for a fifth season and will return this fall. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Lady Gaga has been cast, and the show will take place in a hotel. Rumors are circulating that the Cecil Hotel in L.A. could end up becoming the setting for American Horror Story’s upcoming season. The hotel reportedly has a creepy history that could serve as inspiration for the show.

[Images via Kino and Hollywood Reporter]