Was It Worth It? Jasmine Teltow Stabbed Hubby After Finding Nudes On His Phone

Police in Dos Palos, California, have charged Jasmine Teltow with attempted murder after she reportedly stabbed her husband in a fit of jealousy. The Huffington Post reports that the 21-year-old wife and mother was reportedly going through her man’s phone when the incident began, which is where she found a series of nude and X-rated photos of another woman. A levelheaded woman would demand an explanation or even pack her things and demand a divorce, but that’s not quite what happened in this case.

HuffPost describes the incident as a “heated argument” that escalated when the mother of two grabbed a kitchen knife. Jasmine Teltow reportedly stabbed her 34-year-old husband in the neck with the knife. Fortunately, the injuries sustained in the stabbing were not life threatening. The New York Daily News reports that the victim has not been named yet in reports, but the 34-year-old man was promptly rushed to a Modesto hospital, where he was treated for his injuries and released relatively quickly.

As mentioned previously, Teltow and her hubby are parents to two children, which is an unfortunate fact in this case. That’s especially since those two children have been ordered into the custody of Child Protective Services. A one-year-old child was reportedly at the home during the violent incident, where Jasmine was arrested and charged with attempted murder. At the time of the arrest, her four-year-old son was not at the residence, which sparked a missing child alert.

The Merced Sun-Star reports that the four-year-old boy, named Noah Apodaca, has been turned over to CPS. This news comes after alerts indicated that he was in the custody of his maternal grandmother, Mary Saavedra. Even though there are photos of Saavedra’s mugshot circulating in the media, an officer has stated that she may not face any charges.


Hell knows no fury like a woman scorned — the old saying goes. Stories like these aren’t rare at all. In fact, just a few hours ago it was reported that a woman named Glayds Penn allegedly stabbed her hubby with a fire poker. However, unlike Teltow, Penn is only being charged with criminal domestic violence.

Do you think Jasmine Teltow deserves to be charged with attempted murder in this case? It should be reaffirmed that the injuries her husband suffered were not life-threatening, even though she allegedly used a kitchen knife to stab him in the neck — which could have proven fatal in an unluckier scenario.

[Photo: Mugshot of Jasmine Teltow/HuffPost]