Chicago Grandma Uses Circular Saw To Cut Baby’s Throat Because Infant Would Not Stop Crying

A Chicago grandma used a circular saw to cut a baby’s throat because she would not stop crying, according to Cook County police reports. The 52-year-old woman was reportedly transported to a local hospital for self-inflicted wounds which occurred when she tried to commit suicide after allegedly slicing her infant granddaughter’s throat.

The 7-month-old baby girl was pronounced dead at the scene. Chicago police officers found baby Rosie Herrera shortly after receiving a 911 call for an emergency at a West Side Little Village neighborhood on Monday. A relative of both the grandmother and baby Rosie found the horrific and bloody scene and called the authorities. The grandmother reportedly remains hospitalized. After the Chicago police officers entered the home they reportedly found the baby with signs of visible trauma.

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services had not reportedly had any prior contact with the family over child safety concerns. There were not any other children inside the home at the time of the murder. Ben Llamas, a man who told the Chicago Tribune that he is a friend and co-worker of the father of the murdered baby, said “At first, he [baby Rosie’s father] was reluctant, but when the baby came, he fell in love. He shows us pictures of that baby every day.”

Ben Llamas said he drove the murdered baby’s father to the home after getting the news. The father was reportedly at work in nearby Beecher inside a grain elevator in Beecher. “He was upset,” Llamas said about he father, who reportedly did not want to talk about the tragic news. “There’s nothing better than kind of minding your own business. We just drove in silence. He was in shock.”

According to neighbors, multiple individuals live in the home where the Chicago grandma allegedly used a circular saw to slit the baby’s throat. “They were really good people,” neighbor Francisco Arreola said. “I would always see them and they were very happy. I never heard them fight or anything.”


An unidentified relative of the murdered baby had this to say when questioned about the bizarre killing by local reporters, “We have no idea. We just got the news that she passed away and that’s all we know. She had no health problems, she was a good baby. We don’t know yet, they haven’t said anything.”

Chicago police detectives were currently conducting a “domestic-related murder investigation” into the baby’s death.

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