Jana Duggar Is Done With ’19 Kids And Counting’: What Will She Do Now?

Jana Duggar has had enough of playing nanny, so she’s reportedly leaving 19 Kids and Counting to make her own way in the world. Two of her younger sisters have already left the nest, so she feels like it’s her turn to experience life without another Duggar tagging along. However, she’s breaking family tradition in a big way — Jana is moving out as a single woman.

According to OK! Magazine, Jana Duggar decided that she’s not going to follow in Jill and Jessa Duggar’s footsteps by waiting until she’s married to move out. Instead, the reality show star known as “Cinderella Duggar” is trying to talk her parents into letting her attend college. Perhaps Jana decided to push her luck after Joseph Duggar became the first member of the family to leave home for a higher education at a brick-and-mortar school. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Joseph is currently taking classes at The Crown College of the Bible in Knoxville, Tennessee.

A source told OK! Magazine that 25-year-old Jana finally realized that she’ll never get to live her own life if she continues to let her parents use her as a live-in babysitter. Perhaps her final straw was finding out that her parents still want to have a 20th child — in a video that the Inquisitr recently shared, Jim Bob tells a crowd of people that he and Michelle are still trying for the big 2-0. Surely Jana doesn’t want to become a sister mom to another baby.

The OK! source claims that Jana has let her parents know that she’s about to start applying for Christian colleges. The Crown College of the Bible has a music program, so perhaps she’ll end up going there. Duggar family friend Erin Bates attended the school, and, according to the Bates Family website, she earned a “bachelors degree in music ministry.” Jana is a talented pianist just like Erin, so the school might be a good fit for her.

Unfortunately, Jim Bob Duggar is reportedly trying to talk his eldest daughter out of going to school, and Jana might eventually back down. The OK! source claims that this is the first time Jana has really “stuck up for herself,” so it might be hard for her to stick to her guns when facing off against her super-controlling father.

It’s entirely possible that the OK! story is completely fabricated. However, Jana Duggar’s “Family Scrapbook” entry on the Duggar Family website seemingly provides evidence of a family dispute about her future. As you can see, she has no “Future Plans” listed right now. This might because her family is trying to talk her into changing her mind about leaving 19 Kids and Counting and going to school.

Jana’s other family members also have a different vision for her future. During an interview with People, Ben Seewald said that he wants Jana to marry Tim Tebow. Obviously he was joking, but Jana’s lack of a love life is no laughing matter — getting married may become the only way she can escape her family’s home if Jim Bob forbids her from going to college. She won’t be able to pay for her schooling herself, so she needs her parents’ financial support.

Do you think Jana Duggar will really leave 19 Kids and Counting to go to school, or will she give in to her parents’ wishes and stay at home to babysit, cook, and clean?

[Image credit: Duggar Family Facebook]