Paris Hilton Fakes Orgasm On Las Vegas Stage

Paris Hilton has been caught on camera faking an orgasm for a fervent Las Vegas crowd, while in attendance at her cousin’s bachelorette party.

The socialite and former reality television star was in the Nevadan city to help Brooke Wiederhorn celebrate her marriage in style. Alongside a cavalcade of other ladies, Hilton took to the stage at the Excalibur Hotel, where they were also joined by male strippers, called the Thunder From Down Under. And while they were there, they were then asked to give their most convincing fake orgasms.

And it sounds as if Hilton has had plenty of practice because, according to a video that TMZ gathered, her fake orgasm was mightily impressive.

Paris even threw in a few quips of her own to win the contest, shouting out, “Oh baby it’s so good,” while she did a little dance to please the gathered masses.

In fact, the hundreds of people in the crowd decided that Paris had won the competition as they cheered on her efforts rapturously.

While in Las Vegas Hilton led Wiederhorn and her pals to Bleacher’s Madhouse, while they also stopped in at Britney Spears’ Piece Of Me show, too.

Paris Hilton also took to the stage and was danced upon by the male strippers, who have had their own show at the hotel since 2006 alongside Wiederhorn, as the ladies drank, danced, and reveled in each others’ company for the night.

Wiederhorn is the daughter to Kim Richards, who is the star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, there are varying reports as to whether she has already married Thayer Wiederhorn, or if their nuptials will be exchanged later in the summer.

The Daily Mail has insisted that the pair will marry later this year, while Page Six reported that this was a belated bachelorette party, and their ceremony had been held months before. Both of these publications agreed that those at the event had a great time, though.

Nicky Hilton, Paris’ older sister, was also in attendance, while Paris will have to perform the same sort of duties ahead of Nicky’s own wedding in the summer.

[Image via NYP Page Six]