Now this is a tough woman – give birth and have heart surgery – at the same time

Rachel Joy, 36, first went to the hospital suffering chest pains and was sent home because the doctors felt it was just the after-effects of a bad cough. However she returned hours later after she began coughing up blood. It was then that they found out she was suffering from a very rare and dangerous heart condition called aortic dissection.

If it had been left untreated Rachel – who was 36 weeks pregnant at the time – would have died of heart failure within 24 to 48 hours.

“Suddenly I had an oxygen mask on my face and there were eight consultants in my room,” said Rachael. “I knew it wasn’t good. They explained they needed to do an operation.”

Source: The Mirror

The doctors told her that she about a 25 percent chance of dying on the operating table and that this would be the only child she would have. The doctors first performed the Caesarean section bring Rachel’s son, Charlie, into the world and then while they were sewing her up from the C-section the other team of surgeons began on her open-heart surgery, which took the team of 10 doctors six-hours to complete.

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