Epic ‘San Andreas’ Movie Trailer Screams Must-See Catastrophe

San Andreas is set to be a constant thrill-ride of perseverance and dexterity, an epic display of events to come. The movie’s extended trailer is awesome!

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Andreas’ first trailer, the official one, did wet the viewers’ taste buds. The movie shows just how horrible things could get in California. Due to a series of earthquakes of unimaginable magnitudes, San Andreas shows the state being ripped to shreds, and those shreds ripped to shreds by succeeding tremors. Check out the movie’s official trailer from the Internet Movie Database(IMDb). Then, you’ll see how San Andreas‘ extended version differs in the next video.

For years, seismology experts have waged that such an event isn’t a question of “if,” but one of “when.” They say it’s going to happen at some point in the future. The San Andreas fault is one of the world’s longest fault lines and could potentially separate California from the mainland, as says Stanford University. Well, that’s exactly what happens in the movie. Pretty much, the Pacific Ocean welcomes itself onto the mainland — or rather, the separated land begins sinking into the waters. It’s a horrific sight and thought, regardless of swimming abilities or the lack thereof.

Just to clarify, one should note a brief technicality of the San Andreas fault line, as mentioned by the University of Oregon.

“The San Andreas is what is termed a Transform Fault: a place where sections of the earth’s crust slide side-by-side past each other. As mentioned in the background information, they are usually associated with spreading centers, and represent horizontal offsets due to the reality of trying to fit a linear zone of faulting onto a spherical earth…

… The San Andreas Fault of California is THE classic example of one of these ‘strike-slip’ faults, and will surely shake the juice out of the state sooner or later. Because there is no ripping apart or subduction taking place, there isn’t any magma formation to lead to volcanos. However, the intensity of the faulting easily makes up for this apparent lack of natural disasters.”

The juice will be shaken out? That just doesn’t sound good at all. Neither does it sound good for Dwayne Johnson’s character, Ray. He actually has to fly clear across the state to find his daughter, Blake, played by Alexandra Daddario.

Take a look at the new, extended trailer. Imagine being a Californian and having to fight against Mother Nature in such an event. It wouldn’t be a good day.

With the San Andreas release date set for May 29, 2015, anticipation is already in play for opening night.

Just to clarify further, this movie is not related to the San-Andreas-based video game from the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

So, what are your thoughts? Are you going to see the movie?

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