'Real World' Season 31: Has MTV Renewed Or Canceled This Show? [Updated]

Update: MTV has indeed renewed The Real World and filming is currently taking place in Las Vegas for Season 31!

The Season 30 Real World finale is airing on MTV Tuesday night and fans are very anxious to know if the show will be returning for Season 31. The show's counterpart, The Challenge, has already been renewed, but so far MTV isn't sharing specifics about the future of this series. What's the scoop available so far?

The current season, called Skeletons, wraps up on Tuesday night. According to TV Guide, there is another confrontation and one more skeleton ahead yet. It's been a wild season, but by the end of the night, viewers will see as this latest crew bids farewell to Chicago and to one another, for better or worse.

Unfortunately, it seems that there won't even be a Real World reunion show this time around, which comes as a surprise and big disappointment to many fans. Considering that there has already been buzz that the network may cancel Real World, the lack of a reunion show for the current season doesn't exactly alleviate any worries.

As TV By the Numbers has shared, MTV already renewed both the Challenge show for Season 27 and Are You the One? for Season 3. However, no information was shared about the fate of Real World and that definitely did not go unnoticed.

Season 30 of Real World wasn't confirmed until April 2014 and at the time the Hollywood Reporter said it wasn't considered a surprise that a new season was on the way. Could the show really go from a non-surprising renewal to a cancellation just a year later? Many suspect the show will be back, but that the network is just sitting on making a decision.

Reality Blurred shares that when producers Bunim-Murray Productions were contacted about a possible Real World renewal or cancellation, the company referred the site to MTV instead. Then, MTV simply said they had no comment.

The site points out that while Season 29, with the exes twist, had very strong ratings. However, Season 30 with the skeletons twist hasn't done nearly so well in these most recent episodes. However, the show does still pull in higher ratings than the Challenge episodes, which already was renewed.

Of course the show will end at some point, and some would say that perhaps wrapping after Season 30 is a good place to leave things. Others think that there's still more to come on this one. Given the timing of the last network announcement regarding a Real World renewal, it does seem fair to say that there is still a bit of room for hope.

For now, fans will have to simply embrace the Real World: Skeletons finale and stay tuned for news regarding a renewal for Season 31 or a Real World cancellation. Should MTV bring back the show for another round?

[Image via Viacom/MTV]