Young Siblings Chase Baby Brother’s Kidnapper And Help Stop The Toddler’s Abduction [Video]

A man was caught on camera allegedly kidnapping a toddler from a Washington park on Sunday. Thankfully, he hadn’t anticipated the child’s quick-thinking siblings, who chased him down and brought the abduction to a halt.

Owen Wright was playing in a park with his older sister and brother, 8-year-old Delicia and 10-year-old Brenden, when a man reportedly grabbed him from his stroller and ran.

Witnessing this, Owen’s older siblings began chasing the kidnapper, screaming and alerting people nearby who also began chasing the perpetrator.

“This little girl come running around the corner screaming her head off,” witness Dorothy Giddings told KXLY.

Two teenage boys were amongst the passers-by who were alerted by Delicia’s screams and joined the pursuit.

“I didn’t really care. There was a kid’s life in danger,” said one of the teens, Andrew Crane.

The other, Isaac Yow, said, “I don’t consider myself a hero. I consider myself a person doing the right thing.”

According to ABC News, a nearby grocery store provided surveillance footage, which shows the suspect running with the 22-month-old boy in his arms. And with the pursuit of the children and bystanders, he eventually left the child in an empty lot before continuing his escape.

“I told that little girl, I said, ‘Honey, you did exactly what you needed to do, scream your head off,’ ” Dorothy Giddings shared with KXLY of Delicia’s screams.

“That’s what saved that baby. Her screaming and us running.”


The young siblings were reportedly playing unsupervised in the park next to their babysitter’s home in the small community of Sprague when the incident occurred. Their father, Michael, was at work at the time, and told KXLY that it was hard to put into words the nightmarish feeling one gets when they’ve learnt that something has happened to their child.

“I can’t explain the feeling, the anxiety and everything that goes into finding out your children is missing or something has happened to them.”

The suspect is still at large – and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone who recognizes the perpetrator to contact them at 509-725-3501.

[Image via ABC News]