University Of Oklahoma Sigma Alpha Epsilon Racism: New Video Shows House Mom Saying N-Word

A shocking new video was uploaded to Vine that many say shows the deep-seated racism in the University of Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter. In the video you can watch as the fraternity’s house mom, Beauton Gilbow, says the n-word in rapid succession while rapping for the camera. The video has sparked outrage as Gilbow was recently interviewed after the racist bus chant noting disbelief at the young men’s actions.

In the video below you can watch as the Sigma Alpha Epsilon house mother says the n-word numerous times for the camera. She is singing to a rap song when she begins to laugh as she is heard saying, “n*****, n*****, n*****, n*****, n*****.”

The video comes on the heels of the SAE house mom’s interview with CBS. During the interview, Beauton Gilbow, 78, notes that she was “very disappointed” in the SAE member’s actions on the bus and that their actions were “not SAE.”

“I heard the words. Unbelievable… This is not SAE. This has been my family. I can’t imagine tomorrow. I am very disappointed. Very ashamed, embarrassed.”

Gilbow will now be forced to retire or look for new work. However, she isn’t the only one out of a job. As Inquisitr previously reported, OU Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s racist chant cost a black chef named Howard his job. Now the SAE alumni are banding together to support the man they call “hard-working” with an “infectious smile.” SAE alum showed great disapproval for the chapter’s behavior calling it disgraceful.

“He is going to lose his job because of a bus full of racist kids… Because of these kids’ actions, many will be affected. None more so than Howard.”

Should the national Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter help provide funds for the employees who worked for the organization throughout the years? What do you think about the video showing house mom Beauton Gilbow singing racial slurs? Was she taken advantage of for the sake of some video views, or was racism just part of the everyday happenings at the SAE chapter?