'The Walking Dead': Norman Reedus Hints At Daryl Crush, Melissa McBride Explains Carol's Creepy Moment

Many fans of The Walking Dead want Daryl Dixon to find love, and the character's lack of a romantic connection has just added to his mystique. This is probably one of the reasons Norman Reedus is careful not to spill any major spoilers about his character's love life. However, he recently hinted that Daryl might be crushing on someone.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Norman Reedus talked about Daryl Dixon's recent interactions with another popular Walking Dead character, Carol Peletier. Many fans of the show were delighted when Norman ad-libbed a line about how ridiculous undercover Carol looked wearing a cardigan and a collared shirt. Reedus explained that Daryl likes to pick on Carol because he's so fond of the wolf in sheep's clothing.

"Carol is my girl. I like to f—with her as much as possible. It just kind of came out… It's kind of one of those things that a little kid would say. When you're in kindergarten and you like a girl you punch her in the arm first, you know what I mean?"
Unfortunately for Caryl shippers, The Walking Dead star quickly clarified that Daryl Dixon just has a schoolboy crush on Carol -- he's not madly in love with her.
"And it's not that there's any romance! I'm just saying we're a very close group."
As the Inquisitr previously reported, Norman Reedus has also said that he doesn't want Daryl Dixon to settle down with someone who the viewers see coming -- he wants Daryl's first fling to be a surprise. Norman seems to have a lot of say in what happens to his Walking Dead character, so this is bad news for Caryl fans.

Unfortunately, fans of the Caryl friendship also have a reason to worry about their favorite terrifying twosome -- Daryl Dixon's latest actions could drive a wedge between the redneck and the zombie-cleaving June Cleaver. During a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Melissa McBride said that Carol was concerned when Daryl didn't take one of the guns offered up by Rick Grimes during their secret ZA survivor council meeting.

"There's definitely some concern [about] that move on Daryl's part. 'You can still try [to fit in], but here, take this gun as a backup.' Hello!"
During his interview with Entertainment Weekly, Norman Reedus explained why Daryl Dixon was so quick to give up his gun for Alexandria. As it turns out, the quickest way to Daryl's heart is through his stomach.
"Spaghetti is spaghetti, you know what I'm saying. [Laughs] I think that he trusts Aaron."
In other words, The Walking Dead character just needed to connect with one other person in order to feel comfortable. It probably also helped that Aaron gave him a new bike to work on and a job that lets him spend plenty of time away from the land of potluck dinners and lengthy pasta chats.

Daryl Dixon might be ready to relax and make new friends, but Carol Peletier went very dark during the last episode of The Walking Dead -- she traumatized a poor kid who just wanted cookies by telling him the scariest monster story ever. However, Melissa McBride told the Hollywood Reporter that Carol wasn't actually threatening to kill sugar-hunting Sam. According to the actress, she was just letting him know what kind of world exists outside of Alexandria's walls. In her mind, Sam and the other residents could end up being zombie lunch if she and the members of her group aren't armed and ready to do what it takes to preserve the community.

"When she's talking about that he's going to be tied to a tree, she's not really talking about the walkers... it's not necessarily what Carol is going to do to you, but this is what's going to happen if you tell... she's talking about things she knows that can happen out there. There are people who will eat you alive."
The next episode of The Walking Dead airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. Do you think Daryl Dixon is making a mistake by going gun-less in Alexandria? And did Carol go too far?

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