Komen Defunding Of Planned Parenthood Was Spearheaded By Company’s Pro-Life VP

The Susan G. Komen Foundation suffered a severe bout of public backlash over the last week when the company announced that it had pulled $700,000 from Planned Parenthood’s breast cancer screening program and now sources close to the situation say it was Komen’s VP for public policy Karen Handel who pushed for the defunding as part of her own pro-life stance.

The insider spoke to the Huffington Post and says Karen was “the prime instigator of this effort. She said, ‘If we just say it’s about investigations, we can defund Planned Parenthood and no one can blame us for being political.'”

Internal emails from Komen sent on the day of the Planned Parenthood funding cuts allegedly state that she had “sole authority in crafting and implementing the policy.”

The funding cuts come at a time when Komen’s head officers have made a killing, including $417,000 paid to CEO Nancy Brinker in 2010 with 50 other executives at the organization earning more than $100,000 from contributions earned from donations.

The Washington Post also reports $3 million in travel expenditures for the organization which has cast a light of greed and bias on the organizations part.

In the meantime rather then focusing on its successes in helping treat millions of women the Susan G. Komen Foundation has went on the defensive while Planned Parenthood has managed to raise millions of dollars over the last week including $250,000 which was personally donated by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

What do you think Komen needs to do in order to reverse the bad image it has recently received.