Poll Claims Fox News Is The Most Trusted In America

Alan Ewart

Fox News has been named the most trusted news network in the U.S. according to a new national poll carried out by Quinnipiac University. The poll of 1,300 voters found that Fox News polled higher than all of the other national news networks with 29 percent of those polled saying they trusted Fox News the most. Twenty percent of those polled said that the trusted Fox News coverage "a great deal" and 35 percent say they trust Fox News coverage "somewhat."

The New York Post says that Fox News polled some way ahead of second placed CNN, which came second with 22 percent. Fox News was some distance ahead of NBC News and CBS News, which both polled just 10 percent, and ABC News fared even worse at just 8 percent. Among Republican voters Fox News was the overwhelming favourite with 58 percent saying that the network was most trusted. Just 3 percent of Democrats trusted Fox News.

The Independent reminds us that Fox News recently made headlines around the world when it broadcast the views of a so-called "expert" who claimed that Birmingham in England is a "totally Muslim" city and that Sharia militia patrolled the streets of London, beating people who did not wear muslim dress. The Fox News network later had to retract the statements and issue an apology. The blunder by "expert" Steve Emerson lead to Fox News being subjected to a backlash of ridicule across the globe when the hashtag #FoxNewsFacts went viral and trended for days as millions took to Twitter to post satirical headlines.

Fox News has a very long history of gaffes including airing the views of analysts who believe the uncovering of the CIA's use of torture was actually designed to tell Americans they're "not awesome." Presenter Kimberly Guilfoyle made an embarrassing comment when she asked if a female fighter pilot from the UAE could be referred to as "boobs on the ground" in Syria during a report on air strikes being carried out against Isis. Fox News presenter Greg Gutfeld has called British comedian and political activist Russell Brand "left wing Commie scum" while live on air.

The Independent also reported that Fox News was roundly criticised last month when it showed uncut footage of Isis' propaganda footage of pilot Muath al-Kasaesbeh being burned alive. Fox News host Bill O'Reilly has also been accused of being a serial liar when it comes to his own reports.

It may be that scandals surrounding a number of high profile presenters on other news networks helped to boost Fox News ratings, and the Quinnipiac University poll did reveal that when it comes to local news networks, Fox News "takes a back seat" to local broadcasters.

What do Inquisitr readers think? Do you trust Fox News?

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