Chicago Woman Accused Of Killing 9-Month-Old Relative With Power Saw

A Chicago woman accused of killing her 9-month-old relative on Monday by slitting her throat with a power saw, reportedly did so in order to stop the child from crying.

The shocking murder took place in the Little Village neighborhood, where Chicago cops found the dead child, named Rosie, at 9:40 am.

According to police, a 52-year-old relative of Rosie carried out the murder, after having tried to stuff the child’s mouth with cloth to shut her up. She then went ahead and took more serious action, using a circular power saw on Rosie’s neck.

Following the incident, the suspect allegedly tried to take her own life, and when found by another relative, was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where she was considered to be in a stable condition.

When the dead baby’s father received the phone call on Monday to inform him of his daughter’s murder, his friend who works with him, Ben Llamas, said, “He adored her,” adding that, “He was upset,” but didn’t want to talk about what had happened.

As Llamas told reporters, “There’s nothing better than kind of minding your own business. We just drove in silence. He was in shock.”

A relative of the bereaved father said that that side of the family has no idea what happened to Rosie, “We just got the news that she passed away and that’s all we know. She had no health problems, she was a good baby. We don’t know yet, they haven’t said anything,” the relative said.

A 32-year-old neighbor, Brenda Saucedo, told reporters that she knows the suspect, “She was a nice person, she came to my house. I’m shocked she would never do this. It had to be somebody else.”

Meanwhile, another local resident who had seen Rosie recently at a health clinic said, “I held her hand and I was hugging her. She had a little flu. She wanted to be hugged, she was a happy baby, she was very pretty.”