‘Brewfing’ Students Cause Roof Collapse At Drunken Party, Could Lead To Local Law Change

“Brewfing” students were responsible for a roof collapse at a St. Patrick’s Day celebration at a California University that left eight people hurt and could lead to a change in local laws.

The incident happened over the weekend at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, at the home of the university’s baseball coach. The party started on Friday night and was still going on as the sun came up on Saturday, when police said students sitting on the roof of a garage while drinking beer — which the students refer to as “brewfing” — caused the roof to collapse.

A total of 30 students fell down with the crumbled roof and eight were hurt, NBC4 News Los Angeles reported.

Pictures and video from the scene showed a mass of students wearing green “St. Fratty’s Day” shirts partying among a row of houses. Several of the brewfing students could be seen standing on the roof of the garage, which then collapsed to the floor below.

The brewfing students are now leading to a law change in the college town. Mayor Jan Marx wants to make it illegal for residents to sit on their roof unless they’re doing maintenance work.

“It’s a serious situation and, beyond that, there were thousands of people in a small residential neighborhood in the street quite near Cal Poly, so it was terrifying for the neighbors and families who lived there, as well as students,” Marx told People magazine.

Marx said the party, which drew more than a thousand students, was an “assault on the neighborhood and on the city.”

The college also released a statement on the roof collapse, saying that administrators were cooperating with authorities investigating the incident.

“We are working closely with fire and hospital officials to stay apprised of the conditions of those who were hurt. Our thoughts are with those injured, and we wish them a speedy recovery.

Cal Poly is also in close contact with local public safety agencies as they work to determine exactly what occurred. Their findings will help inform our own efforts to ascertain what led to this incident and decide how we will respond.”

There could be more problems for the brewfing students. A school representative said any Greek Life organizations involved in planning the wild St. Patrick’s Day party could be in trouble of suspension or even worse. The university’s fraternities and sororities are already on probation after a string of wild parties, sexual assaults, and medical emergencies related to alcohol poisoning.

[Image via KCRA]