Chris Brown Melts Down: Singer Throws A Tantrum At ‘Ignorant’ Fans

Chris Brown is going through a lot lately — enough to drive many average people to therapy — while having to keep it together for his Between the Sheets tour. However, that doesn’t mean he’s immune to losing his cool on the internet. Hollywood Life reports that the scandal-plagued singer melted down on Instagram and went on a diss-filled tirade against his own fans, calling them “ignorant human beings.” This is at least the third time in the past couple of months that he’s lashed out at fans on the popular social media site.

Apparently some of his fans on Instagram were giving him a tough time about his baby mama drama and his split from Karrueche Tran. Unfortunately, being on the internet kind of removes some peoples’ filters, and they say things in the heat of the moment that they’d never otherwise say to someone’s face — especially a celebrity’s face regarding their very private life struggles that continue to be played out in the media. Chris Brown snapped on his fans with some pretty harsh words.

“Some of you ignorant human beings on there have yet to grasp the concept of your own lives. This is for encouragement for anyone dealing with their own issues. Half of yall pages are private and the others look so damn depressing I understand why u feel like u have the right to say some of the most outrageous thing possible. U don’t have to like me but one thing is for sure… You all are looking though.. That’s the [difference] between leadership and being a cancer to this planet. We have no real leaders or people to join together for great things anymore. At least not the youth… We will one day drown in a pool of our own negativity. Be blessed or be quiet.”

Brown doesn’t like being kicked when he’s down — and who on earth does? However, it’s hard not to remind him that he got himself into his latest predicament. He made the choice to cheat on Kae with another woman, and he made the choice to do so without using protection — which not only resulted in the conception of an illegitimate child, but could have exposed Karrueche and himself to a wide array of sexually transmitted infections. While a baby is a big enough problem — a secret baby, no less — everyone involved in this mess is lucky that a baby is all that resulted from it.

Chris is trying to move on from all the drama while making the best of the situation in which he’s gotten himself. Movie News Guide reports that he recently brought his nieces and nephew to a concert of his — a possible attempt at practicing bonding with small children now that he’s a daddy. Maybe he’s trying to get some perspective before he spends some serious quality time with baby Royalty.

[Photo: Bossip]