Harry Styles With Emma Watson? Where’s His Girlfriend, Nadine Leopold?

Harry Styles and One Direction are known for their love songs, and their fans love to see them in love. Harry Styles has never let fans down in that department with his long list of charming girlfriends. Among them are Taylor Swift, Caroline Flack, and Nadine Leopold. There are also savory potential romances that are speculated by Harry Styles’ fans, such as his anticipated relationship with Emma Watson. Along with Harry Styles’ exes, unfortunately, comes a lot of drama.

Currently in the headlines, Harry Styles’ supposed current love interest, Nadine Leopold, does not like his ex Taylor Swift and “wants Taylor to go away.” Life and Style Magazine had an inside source that said in mid-February that “Nadine is believed to be furious with Taylor after one of the shots in her recently-released music video for her latest single ‘Style’ shows her clutching the paper plane necklace the ‘Steal My Girl’ hit maker had given to her when they were dating in 2012.”

Speaking of exes, Harry Styles’ old girlfriend is currently vacationing in Los Angeles, according to Now Magazine. Caroline Flack is also making Harry Styles fans sweat due to the £100,000 book deal she was recently offered. Will Caroline Flack tell all she can about her cougar/cub relationship with Harry Styles? The Mirror originally broke the story, and they said there was no direct information that Caroline Flack would talk about Harry Styles — but relationships will be a part of the autobiography.

With Taylor Swift out of the picture, as of the end of January, the Daily Mail confirmed that Harry Styles was in love with Nadine Leopold. Of course, news that Nadine and Harry Styles were getting together made fans of his potential relationship with Emma Watson sad. Only a few weeks before, Hollywood Life reported that Harry Styles and Emma Watson possibly went on a secret date together.

Harry Styles and Nadine Leopold were spotted together frequently at the beginning of February… and then nothing. Is no news good news about Harry Styles and Nadine Leopold as a couple?

To explain why they may not be able to spend much time together, the Independent Ireland wrote, “She’s shooting in Mexico at the moment, but she will join him on 1D’s world tour for a couple of dates. But it’ll be based around her modeling schedule.”

So this may explain why there were few signs of Nadine Leopold when Harry Styles took off at the first of March for a week from his tour with One Direction. Instead, Harry Styles was seen out and about during his tour break with his mother, Anne Cox, according to the Daily Mail.

Where was Nadine Leopold while her main squeeze Harry Styles was in England? It turns out that Nadine had other obligations at that time, and Caught Off Side published photos of Nadine Leopold at a sexy photo shoot for Urban Outfitters on March 4.

However, some fans are going to be suspicious that Harry Styles and Nadine Leopold are not hanging out. Naturally, the plot thickens around rumors of a potential breakup between Harry Styles and Nadine Leopold when there is evidence of suspected old flames around.

For instance, Harry Styles spent precious vacation time supporting Emma Watson at her special event in London for International Women’s Day on March 8, according to Unreality TV. Did this give them a chance to re-examine previous feelings? For now, it’s speculations only!

Next up, Harry Styles will be leaving England to fly to Singapore for a new leg of touring starting March 11. Will photos of Harry Styles and Nadine Leopold appear in the near future of her joining him on tour? Time will tell…

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