Apple Event: What The Cupertino Company Showed Us

Today’s Apple event brought us the Cupertino company’s newest smartwatch offering as we knew it would. The Apple event also brought a number of other unveilings that we didn’t really know were coming down the pike. Because of that, there was plenty of excitement surrounding the long-awaited announcements, but what did we truly learn?

The Apple event was staged around the official unboxing of the newest watch to the wearable tech market. Plenty of people had heard the watch was going to have a massively expensive version, and that was indeed confirmed today. The most expensive version starts out at $10,000, according to the Cupertino firm. While that price tag is ridiculous, there are also a number of other models that are priced all the way up to $17,000.

As Wired points out, the Apple event also brought us a watch that is not cheap by any means, but it also isn’t ridiculously expensive with a price tag of $349. The lowest price tag is for the Sport Watch edition, and the regular watch starts out with an MSRP of about $200 more. All of these watches are expected to be available for preorder on April 10, and they’ll be available to pick up on April 24.

A brand new MacBook was also unveiled at the Apple event Monday afternoon. As the Los Angeles Times reports, the new MacBook’s most talked-about feature is that the casing is gold. This color is nothing new to the company, considering the Apple event mirrored other presentations that brought the gold iPad and gold iPhone. While the gold casing had quite a few members of the media scoffing, the laptop was included in the Apple event to show off a redesigned keyboard. This new keyboard has the keys set lower, which the company believes will lead to easier and more error-free typing.

One thing we didn’t see that most fans of the Cupertino firm were hoping for was a new Apple TV. The event may not have brought a redesigned set-top box, but it was the venue to announce a price drop from $99 to $69. Along with a more affordable unit, the company has also teamed up with HBO and has gained exclusive rights to the network’s new streaming service known as HBO Now. While the watch was clearly the centerpiece of the presentation, there were plenty of things for everyone to get a bit excited for at Monday’s Apple event.