Mother Feeds Daughters Nails, Shreds Their Intestines

Talk about deranged cases. A mother killed her two daughters by feeding them nails, shredding their intestines. The motive will astound you.

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A mother’s trust proves unfortunate for two daughters, ages 1 and 4. Thirty-five-year-old Sunita — of Ajmer, India — killed them in the most distrusting way. This mother placed small nails in the children’s milks.

Once consumed, the nails choked the children. However, the more-crucial factor is that some of the nails reached their intestines. Once there, the nails began cutting them open.

The mother killed the girls approximately around February 26. Afterward, they were found days later, ditched in a well, according to the Times of India. Once out, they were taken to Jawahar Lal Nehru hospital for autopsy examination. It’s there that Dr. Mathur makes the aforementioned confirmations about the daughters.

“These nails choked the wind pipes and also shredded the intestines, which caused their death. The two girls had died four days ago as per the medical examination.”

After being found and arrested, the killer mother went in for questioning at the local police station. She confessed that she was in turmoil and torture due to the ridicule she received from different family members about her daughters. Afterward, the investigating officer, Vikram Singh Rathore, states as follows.

“During interrogation, Sunita said that she kept the bodies with her and dumped them in a nearby well at dusk. The woman was disturbed but there was no outburst during interrogation. She said regular fights in the family over her daughters’ births had tormented her.”

Her husband is reported as an alcoholic, so it could be possible that his support was lacking prior to the incident. This is not confirmed. However, in a country where family ties and approvals are so valued, it’s important to note the amount of pressure placed on such a mother. There are actually several other similar stories that have happened in the same area, recently.

Not bearing a son seems to bring serious dishonor to the family. Though it’s not the case in the United States, it’s a privilege to be able to not have such pressure exerted. Not at all saying that a mother can kill her daughters at will. Unless in life or death self-defense from her daughters, she would not have just cause for such a thing.

Nevertheless, what are your thoughts on the incident? Did this mother totally flip out? How can one kill one’s own children?

[Feature Image via John Lamparski/Getty Images]