Prabha Arun Kumar Stabbing: Mom Killed On Phone With Husband Could Be Victim Of Serial Attacker, Police Say

The Prabha Arun Kumar stabbing case may have just taken another twist, after police in Australia said the mom killed while on the phone with her husband may be the latest victim in a serial sex attacker.

Kumar was stabbed to death in Sydney’s Parramatta Park while speaking to her husband, who was working in India. An unknown attacker stabbed Kumar a number of times despite her pleas to be left alone.

A close friend of the family who spoke to Kumar’s husband, Arun, said that Prabha Arun Kumar tried to stop the stabbing by begging for mercy.

“She saw he was approaching her and then he passed her and then suddenly she shouted ‘don’t hurt me, I’ll give you what you want,’ and then she said in her native tongue that ‘he stabbed me, he stabbed me,'” she said.

Kumar was found dead shortly afterward.

Arun Kumar’s brother-in-law, Thrijesh Jayachandra, said he spoke to the grieving husband just before he left Bangalore for Sydney and was told that Prabha was being followed by someone just before the attack.

“She was walking while talking to Arun over the phone when she said that a suspicious-looking man was following her,” Jayachandra said. “The next moment, he heard her scream for help and then plead with the man not to harm her and take all her belongings if he wanted. Seconds later he heard her scream and say she was stabbed. The call was cut abruptly.”

Police are now investigating whether the Prabha Arun Kumar stabbing might be related to a series of other sex attacks in Sydney in the last week. Three other women were attacked in Westmead, and police said there have been other attacks in Parramatta Park stretching back further than that.

Investigators are speaking with Kumar’s husband to see if he can shed some light on the murder.

“We would consider that as part of the investigation, and indeed you would expect us to look at anything that has occurred in that geographical area in the days and months leading up to this matter, and we will certainly do that,” said Superintendent Michael Willing, chief detective of Sydney’s homicide unit. “What we’re hoping to do is jog the memory of anyone who was in the area on Saturday night and we ­encourage them to come ­forward and speak to police.”

Police have also sought the public’s help in solving the Prabha Arun Kumar stabbing, releasing CCTV footage of Kumar just before the attack to see if anyone had more information.

[Image via Sydney Police]