Jen Selter Rocks A Tiny Bikini For Sizzling Instagram Video Update

Fitness model Jen Selter has a particular pose she loves to strike on her Instagram page, which she calls "Seltering." The brunette bombshell hasn't shared any shots of her doing the pose for her 12.7 million Instagram followers lately, so she opted to remedy that with her most recent update, a sexy video in which she flaunted her sculpted figure.

Jen didn't include a geotag, but she was somewhere with a breathtaking view. She stood on the edge of a pool overlooking a vast body of water. The sky above was filled with fluffy white clouds, and the overall setting was serene and stunning.

Jen wore a white bikini that left little to the imagination. The top had a sporty vibe, with a thin white band that went across her back and another white strap that went up the middle of her back. Jen was facing away from the camera, so fans could only get a glimpse of the black cups of the bikini top and couldn't see any of her cleavage.

However, Jen's gravity-defying derriere was on full display in the pose. She balanced on one leg, keeping it straight underneath her hips, while she extended the other leg up into the air. She held it even higher than her torso, expertly balancing while keeping her leg raised. Her brunette locks were pulled into a low ponytail, and she extended her arms at the beginning of the video before switching them to a slightly different position.

The clip was short, but Jen's fans loved the update. In the caption of the post, she even encouraged her followers to share pictures of their own "Seltering" shots.

The post flaunting Jen's fit figure received over 711,500 views within 15 hours. It also received 894 comments from Jen's followers within the same time span.

"YAS babe! Challenge accepted!" one fan commented, presumably ready to share her own "Seltering" snap.

"Total babe," another fan said, followed by a flame emoji and heart-eyes emoji.

"Perfect as always," another follower added.

"I started following you before seltering was a thing," a longstanding fan remarked.

Jen frequently shares sizzling videos that flaunt her toned physique, giving her followers fitness motivation or even a few exercises they can try. Just yesterday, as The Inquisitr reported, she posted a short clip filmed on a black yoga mat in her stunning New York apartment. As the natural light streamed in through the large windows, Jen showed off her bombshell body while doing a series of impressive stretches. She wore a pair of striped yoga pants, a simple black sports bra, and some ankle socks.