Cameron Diaz Rocks Darker Locks

Cameron Diaz has stayed mostly true to her blonde locks since she burst onto the scene in The Mask, and the color suits her -- and her startlingly blue eyes -- well. However, she stepped out with new husband Benji Madden recently with a darker shade on her locks, and the new look is getting a lot of attention.

Diaz has changed up her look before, most notably in 2006 when she went with a very dark hue that made her eyes pop even more and played up her golden skin tone. The actress is one of those lucky people who can go for a lot of different looks and carry them off.

"Cameron's a natural blonde but can pull off brunette hair too. She switches it up," says colorist Tracey Cunningham.

The new look may be in an effort to curb rumors that she's pregnant; stories that she's expecting twins began to circulate on the web last month but have not been confirmed.

Husband Benji -- who has been away from home while working recently and who, it should be noted, is a twin himself -- posted several sweet photos on Instagram that were meant for Cameron, including one of him holding a puppy. Another was a car-selfie with the caption, "Good morning, Hunny."



Diaz has been busy herself lately, but has not confirmed rumors that she'll be starring alongside Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock in Mean Moms. The movie has not confirmed any other actors but Aniston has been solidly attached to it. The film is based on a book by Rosalind Wiseman, who wrote the book that Mean Girls was based on and will tackle the competitive world of parenting.

Cameron Diaz was among a huge list of female stars who participated in the Not-There campaign on International Women's Day, which was started by the Clinton Foundation and works to raise awareness of women's rights around the globe.

Diaz, Lupita Nyong'o, and Chelsea Clinton were among those who posted a photo of a faceless avatar on social media over the weekend with the caption, "We're Not There...Yet. Inequality exists at work / at home / at the doctor's office / at school - and yet these issues do not get the attention they deserve. It's almost like we're NOT THERE at all. Today is International Women's Day and I am taking part in a campaign that literally removes women from the media. You too can participate. Spread the word by changing your profile on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. and visit @thebodybook for more information."

[Photo courtesy YouTube/The Counselor]