Liam Payne May Be Stressed — But Always Makes Time For His Girlfriend

Liam Payne and One Direction have been working hard lately, and the stars are starting to show that the stress is a lot to manage. As far as speculations about stress go, Liam Payne has been under the microscope by fans for smoking cigarettes. Liam Payne has also been criticized by fans for drinking a lot while on tour (but he rebukes those accusations).

Despite all this, it appears that Liam Payne proves himself a true romantic that always finds time to do something special for his girlfriend and childhood friend, Sophia Smith. She seems like a lucky lady to still get spoiled despite the fact that her boyfriend Liam Payne has shown signs of stress over the past month.

Is there any actual evidence that Liam Payne is stressed? Obviously, any musician knows that Liam Payne and One Direction’s intense touring is stressful enough. On his Twitter page, there is a tweet from his @Real_Liam_Payne account on March 2 that says, “No sleeeeep straight in the plane.” Following that, Liam Payne said himself that he was ranting on Twitter about accusations that he was drinking too much.

Several days later, however, Liam Payne seems to be in a non-stressed, playful mood. On March 8, Liam Payne says, “Monopoly kills friendships,” and “I wish I’d bought the train stations” followed by a separate tweet that said, “Not going well [sad faced emoji].”

It is good to see Liam Payne is refreshed because he and One Direction were recently performing in Japan at the end of February, and were only on a break for about a week. Their next tour date, according to SongKick, will be in Singapore at the National Stadium on March 11. They will play several dates near Singapore and then end that leg of their tour on April 4 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Regardless, the real news is how Liam Payne always puts aside his busy schedule to show his girlfriend that he really cares. He actually has a record of taking out time for his girlfriend as much as possible. For example, when Liam Payne was on tour in February in Australia, he took time to give her beautiful chocolate cakes that she posted on Twitter.

The two have been together since 2013, with a brief breakup in May, 2014, followed by them reuniting, according to Hollywood Life. Photos that emerged on March 8 and 9 show that there are no signs of breaking up for Liam Payne and Sophia Smith — and they appear to look happy together.

Liam Payne is leaving for tour any time in the next 24 hours — and yet the @UpdateSophiam Twitter account has photos of the two enjoying the day at Universal Studios Theme Park in London, followed by dinner at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant.

Is this evidence that Liam Payne and Sophia Smith are still close despite the stressful time Liam has been having lately? It looks like we will not be seeing break-up rumors about Liam Payne and Sophia Smith any time soon. Maybe she is the one that keeps Liam Payne going strong — despite the stress of touring and being a star?


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