Reza Farahan: Asifa Mirza More Real Than Lilly Ghalichi, Nobody On ‘Shahs’ Misses Lilly

So far, new Shahs of Sunset cast member Asifa Mirza is still liked by at least two of her co-stars. In a recent video interview with OK! Magazine, posted on Monday, Reza Farahan and Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi talked about the addition of Asifa to the cast. They also revealed their feelings about Lilly Ghalichi, who left the show after two seasons and was replaced by Asifa.

When asked what Asifa brings to the group, Reza pretty much said that she’s better than Lilly because she keeps it real.

“Asifa is definitely a lot more engaging. She’s real. She seems like she’s open and a little bit more honest with what’s going on in her life.”

When asked if they miss Lilly at all, Reza made clear that he doesn’t care if he ever sees Lilly again.

“Bye Felicia. Ain’t nobody misses Lilly. I’m gonna keep it real. No one misses her. She [GG] has a friendship with Lilly still but if you took [the group as] a whole, no one’s missing Lilly.

GG, meanwhile, was more diplomatic since she’s still friendly with Lilly. GG only said that Lilly’s “a handful.” “She’s a lot to handle,” GG added.

Lilly herself doesn’t seem to mind that she’s no longer on the show. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, in an interview with K9 Magazine prior to the premiere of Season 4, Lilly said that she’s happy to no longer be a part of the crew.

“Being on Shahs is an experience I will never forget. To be on a reality show on a national network as big as Bravo is isn’t easy. The entire world is watching, and judging you. It’s a very emotionally tolling experience, and difficult to handle, especially when you’re on an ensemble cast where fighting and drama is encouraged. I will forever cherish my time and experiences on the show, but am so happy to no longer be doing it!”

Lilly Ghalichi also said that she would never return to being on Shahs of Sunset with Reza Farahan, Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi, and the rest of the gang. Lilly pointed out that she’s a true businesswoman who doesn’t have time for petty drama.

“I have a real life outside of the show, a very busy real life. I run multiple businesses and don’t have time for drama, or to be in an emotional state. If a show came along that had a positive message, and didn’t involve a lot of drama and fighting, I would consider it. As far as another ensemble Shahs type show, not a chance.”

[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]