Apple Extends iPhone 5 Faulty Battery Replacement Program Into January, 2016

Apple launched the faulty battery replacement program last August to address any issues users were experiencing with the iPhone 5’s battery life.

At the time, the tech giant announced that the problem only affected a “very small percentage” of its users who purchased the handsets between September, 2012, and January, 2013, says Jargan Post. Apple also said that users only had until March 2015 to solve their battery issues at any Apple Store or through an authorized service provider.

That news was true until now. Apple has extended the faulty battery replacement program for the iPhone 5 until January 2016.

However, this extension program doesn’t mean you can trade in your iPhone 5 for a new device because your current model is worn out or broken. You will need to visit the Apple support page and enter the serial number to see if your iPhone 5 qualities for a new battery as part of the program.

Apple announced that you would not be able to replace the battery if your handset’s screen is broken or cracked. The company recommends that users should get their damaged iPhone 5 devices repaired before asking for a battery replacement.

This extended program may prevent the many incidents occurring with exploding iPhone 5 devices. The Inquisitr previously reported that an iPhone 5c exploded in Erik Johnson’s pocket around Valentine’s Day. The Long Island man was severely injured with second and third-degree burns. He was admitted to the Burn Center at the Staten Island University Hospital for 10 days. Apple spoke with CNN about this case, and said that they’re currently investigating the cause of this serious incident.

Apple has advised all iPhone users to use the original charging accessories that come along with the device. Doing so will avoid any problems with the iPhone 5’s battery or its circuit boards. The Inquisitr previously reported that using the original charging accessories will greatly reduce the risk of having your iPhone explode or catch on fire. Replacing the battery on your iPhone 5 phone can also reduce your chances, thanks to Apple’s new extended program.

If you think your iPhone 5 is eligible for battery replacement, go to Apple’s official iPhone 5 battery replacement website. There you can enter your phone’s serial number, which can be found under Settings, according to Tech Radar. If it’s eligible, it can then be taken to any Apple Store to have the battery replaced for free. If you still own an iPhone 5, then it’s worth trying out.

[Image: Kelvinsong via Flickr]